Siniša Almaši

Siniša Almaši, was born in December 1975 in Osijek, Croatia in the family of teachers and has one older brother. At an age of 18 months his family moved to Pakrac, where he completed primary education, at the same time developing into an sportsman, athlete - cross country and marathon runner, to become admirer of the nature, where he practiced most of the time. As a sportsman, Siniša delivered his best and won many competitions, cross country races, collecting plenty of sport awards and trophies.

He entered the high school in Kutina, at the time of Homeland war outburst in Croatia. Siniša spent these years with his family in Poljana nearby Pakrac, still training athletics, runing half and full marathons! During frequent trainings in the countryside, Siniša got became the real fan and admirer of the nature, being moved by it’s beauty, colors and sounds that do well to human body and soul.

In the year 1997 Siniša entered the colege, Health Higher School, prime Physical Therapy. Due to fresh discovered heart problems, he had to give up athlethics, and by the year 2000 Siniša graduated and became Physical Therapyst, gets the job in  Special Hospital for Medical Recovery in Lipik, where he stil works today. Siniša got married in 2001 and moved to Daruvar, with his wife and later to come children, boy and girl.

Finally, Siniša entered the world of photography in digital era, first using compact camera, photographing the family, just to rediscover the beauty of the Nature as the ultimately most challenging photo motives source! 

After a while, progressing in technical skills and photographic expression, Siniša moved to DSLR, first chosing Olympus E-620 camera and lens set, then switcing to Canon EOS, model 650D, his actual creativity tool.