Nature itself is a Dream, Perfect Dream, containing the beauty, life, creation, recreation and evolution, freedom, health, peace, endless time, joy, happyness, love, care, you name it...! 

Author expresses through his art photographs to evoke the transience of time which inexorably passes. He freezes single moments that awaken the memories of some earlier parts of his life and create the paths of self exploration and pursuit for the bridges to the future. 

Being extremely nostalgic for the time that has passed, Siniša attempts getting back to that special place from his childhood, to feel the unique atmsphere of the moment, a touch, a gentle word, projecting them in artistic ways through actual landscape or nature detail scene.

Using this kind of contrast, Author practically invokes the spectator to open his or her own soul and enter into The Nature, to walk it, explore it, to ask important questions of life and to seek the hidden paths in a pursuit for the answers and inner peace! 

While every detail in Siniša's images is sharp and visible, each single photograph tells the stories about inner, well hidden personal dreams. His dreams. Nature dreams. Perhaps you find your dreams inside, too.