Nature is wild and beautiful. It's our shell, our place to live, to share it with other humans, plants, animals... It's the vast resource for the mankind and any species living on this beautiful blue planet - Earth. From the dawn of the civilization, nature has been the most important inspiration for different arts! Presently, nature inspires growing population of photographers more than any other motive. 

One man, Siniša Almaši, a prestigeous photographer brings us his dreams here - The Nature Dreams, opening us the doors of the beauty of nature, mainly landscapes of Croatian region Western Slavonia. 


We invite you, dear Visitor, to browse and enjoy the site, images and articles to follow, to meet Siniša and his highly appraised photographic work! Shall you  consider the possibility of obtaining some of Siniša's photographs for you home, workspace, promotional or web materials, we have prepared several options or may create just a custom one for you!